Support Details

BeyondVPS is an unmanaged VPS server provider. As an unmanaged provider, customers are expected to have enough skill and knowledge to run, maintain, and secure their own VPS accounts. Whilst BeyondVPS do provide support, it is only for problems caused by our servers or network. For example, if you wanted a certain package installed but you didn't know how, installing or configuring it would not be included in our standard support. In many cases we will quite happily point customers in the right direction, and encourage customers directing support queries, however we will likely refer you to our customer forums or wiki for assistance.

What we support

  • Network issues
  • Hardware issues
  • Software licensing
  • Issues caused by the server, and not your VPS.
  • Internal Migrations / Upgrades
Our support team is online 247. Support tickets can be opened via your account only. We will not provide server support if you email in from an email address that we do not have on file as there is no way of proving that the email is coming from the customer.

Due to the unmanaged nature of our VPS hosting service, our technicians will only assist with issues affecting the server you are hosted on, or a network issue. We will obviously also assist with issues beyond the control of the client.

Managed Support Charges

If you do need assistance with something not covered in our standard support, we do offer a paid support option. We charge $15 per ticket. However if the issue will take over 30 minutes to resolve, we charge $45/hour for the first 2 hours and $65 for each additional hour. However in most cases this should not be required as we can always point you in the right direction by providing guides and articles.

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