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   The Backup Plan

The Backup Plan was created specifically for being used to store and manage your backups. It features much higher diskspace and bandwidth than similar VPS plans, and because backups wont need as much RAM, is cheaper than a VPS of equal diskspace/RAM.

This is a special promotional offer and is not recommended for hosting websites (you can try it if you wish, but with only 64MB RAM you may struggle with resource intensive stuff!)
The Backup Plan
Diskspace 100 GB
Bandwidth 1000 GB
Guaranteed RAM 64 MB
Burst RAM Not Included
CPU Allocation 1.5Ghz (single core)
IP Addresses 1
Uplink Speed 10Mbit/s
Choice Of OS YES
SolusVM Panel YES
Instant Reboot YES
Bandwidth Monitoring YES
Free, Instant Setup YES
Support Level Self-Managed
Location Scranton, PA
Monthly Price $9.95
  • The above specifications can be altered on request, but cant be downgraded to lower the price. Please contact us for a custom quote.
  • We dont provide any software licenses for this plan (e.g cPanel/DirectAdmin/etc)
  • Uplink speed is 10Mbps. A 100mbps upgrade may be purchased for $2.50/month. A 1Gbit uplink is $8.50/month.

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