Compare Linux Operating Systems

We offer a wide range of Linux operating systems across our range of VPS servers. However we also offer a range of control panels. The chart below shows you what will/wont work on each operating system provided.

CentOS VPS Debian VPS Fedora VPS Gentoo VPS Open Suse VPS Ubuntu VPS
OS Details
Based On RHEL N/A Red Hat N/A Slackware Debian
Learning Curve Medium High Medium Very High Medium Small
Control Panels*
cPanel / WHM YES - YES - YES -
DirectAdmin YES YES YES - - -
Kloxo YES - - - - -
Supported Software
Ruby on Rails YES YES YES - - YES
CentOS Plans Debian Plans Fedora Plans Gentoo Plans OpenSuse Plans Ubuntu Plans


* Some software is not supported by the developer or may have had its support discontinued, however may work unofficially.

Please note that LAMP and Ruby on Rails are not offered as standard on Gentoo or Slackware, however you are welcome to install them as required.

Whilst we offer Gentoo Linux, we provide no form of support or assistance for it due to its known issues with OpenVZ. We provide a console in your VPS control panel, which should be used to diagnose and fix any issues you may have when using the OS.

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